Asko Group Companies and Affiliates:

Asko Processing, Inc. more info...
- Full range of metal plating and finishing for all industries.
- FAA Repair Station #OKSR369L
Asko Industrial Repair visit web site
- HVOF Thermal Spray, complete machine shop, and hydraulic repair.
Acu-Line visit web site
- Intricate chemically machined or engraved metal signage, plaques and business cards.
Asko Selective Plating more info...
- Localized electroplating for repair, salvage and corrosion protection.
Color Tech more info...
- High-quality protective and decorative paint finishing for industrial and commercial applications

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The Asko Group / Asko Processing Inc.
434 North 35th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206.634.2080
Fax: 206.634.0631
For sales quotes, fax: 206.547.4511

ASKO Seattle Metal Finishing Plating Aerospace Repair Aircraft FAA Certified

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